3200% Return

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  1. Who bought AMR at $1.11 and still owns it now?

    3200% return between now and then.

    To get a 3200% return on RIMM, it would have to go to $4,320 per share.

    Apple would have to run to $2,912.

    Goldman Sachs would have to go to $6,720 per share.

    And Google would have to run to $14,784 per share.

    I do have a point here.
  2. xiaodre


    do you mean the $1.50 something lows in March, 2003?
  3. If this post isn't a clear indication to you that you post too much it should be.
  4. I know.

    But I want a 3200% return on something. Anything.
  5. Right. Sorry.

    I thought it touched $1.11.
  6. Re-read the above. Can you see the problem with what you are saying? If you cannot then stop trading now, otherwise that attitude will most likely lead to a trip to the poor house for you post-haste.
  7. Try the Iraqi Dinar, I hear it rocks. :)
  8. No, I know that.

    I have to be honest though. In retrospect, I have issues because I wasn't trading or investing when it was the optimum time to be doing so (2003), and I feel like I'm just chasing performance now on almost anything I analyze as a prospective buy (anything worth buying).

    I sometimes wonder if I will ever see a trade year as rich in opportunity as 2003 again in my lifetime.

    So, I understand your point, but I'm having a difficult time shaking that demon.

    It feels like a gargoyle perched on my shoulder.
  9. Red Ink and Equalizer:

    This is probably something you've each dealt with in the past.

    Aside from the proverbial "let it go; water under the bridge" commentary, which is sound, have you found yourselves handicapped in trading when you've had similar feelings?
  10. Artie21


    there are a lot of 3200% returns.....in retrospect.

    I hav never seen a prospective and certain return of that magnitude. In fact, the only certain return besides death and taxes, is the drunk at the bar. Everything else is iffy.
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