32% Inflation in UCLA Tuition Causes Near Riots (14 Arrested, 1 Tasered)

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  1. Inflation can be denied by deflation proponents, but cannot be missed on the real level of living. Food, rent, utilities, car, school, insurance and toys. 50% inflation in the last 7 years. No, wages have not kept pace with real inflation. They never have. Forget about CPI, it's a joke. And some still say the dollar will hold it's value... that this is America and nothing like Argentina can possibly happen here.

    It's started.
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    NY will be next; they are in the deep shitter as well. Unrelated to tuition, I just found that my medical Insurance provider here in NY (Empire BCBS) is raising my health insurance premium by 28.5 %, effective January, 2010. This after raising me 17 % this past year.

    Look for a lot more unrest and rioting, beginning in the states that are effectively bankrupt, and are taking desperate measures to raise revenue.

    Good thing that George W. is sitting comfortably at home collecting his pension, and Obama is eating well at the White House.
  3. I don't know how they calculated CPI, i don't think they included any Tax number, my tax will raise next year for sure. On top of that, health insurance will go up too.
  4. State government in WA just announced they will no longer be paying the majority of employee healthcare premiums. Whamo... $1000 per month out of the paycheck.

    Rioting and on-the-road marches (read: roving bands and gangs) will start in the South and SW, with the minorities.
  5. Seriously? Link please? (not a challenge..I'd just like to read the story...)
  6. you sound like you live in the boonies or something. Did your cave just get internet?
  7. Wow, if that' true, the PNW is known as one of the liberal strong holds.
  8. Minorities riot? C'mon, don't be silly.

    Next thing you're going to tell me they rob, steal, rape and murder at many times the rate of white people and cause a massive drain on the entire system due to welfare and other entitlement programs.
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