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Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by marketsurfer, Aug 16, 2006.

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    trader's monthly 30under30 party at harry's NYC was rockn, magnus knows how to put on an enjoyable event.

    hot chicks, great food, drinks,sponsors--- an A plus experience!!

    it was good seeing some of the elite crew!


  2. When do they come to South Eastern VA? :(
  3. So how did you get in surf ?

  4. marketsurfer

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    old guys got in free.

    LOL !

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  6. If you have a subscription to the mag and/or site you received an invitation.

    did you wear that ugly paisley blazer? :)

    All in good fun.
  7. marketsurfer

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    no. :D :D

    strictly seersucker this time.

    you see they kept me out of the photos, for obvious reasons!

  8. is it just me that didnt get it or there was no issues for the months of july/august?
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    its august/september, june/july

  10. thx...u got hold of the aug/sept i assume.
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