300K net profit per trade.

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  1. This will be my record log to reach 300k net profit per trade.
    1. I purposely started this in the chitchat section , because I don't need any commies moderating my thread.
    2. My last EXIT in the trade I actualy fucked up. This wil be fixed.
    3. My current size is @ 400k , will trade up to 3-4M (my account trading size)
    4. Every month the size gets increased 100-200k.
    5. This goal will be accomplished before December 31st, 2011. Mark my fucking words.MARK MY FUCKING WORDS.
    6. Haters, I will be shitting bricks of gold soon.

    There will be no stops, There will be no breaks, There will be no excursions or vacations. Time to proceed.

  2. btw to quash all rumours, it is true, I am bieber during the day time.
  3. achilles28


    That's only 10 handles per trade. !!
  4. Lucrum


    Don't be such a puss. If you're gonna trade demo bucks why not make it $3,000,000 a trade.
  5. Probably because demo bucks can't buy real vacations or excursions.


  6. I would post a screenshot for you chumps , but I wont, because I *neeed* you haters! I'm at the point where, nobody is my competition, In trading
    there is only the
    a. unprofitable (-$0) b. good (damn good) c. very good (bilionaire)

    So yes, I need u ugly ducklings to pump me up :D


    Its not hard for me to produce a few million when I use to be a top adult industry player.
  7. The real Coolweb doesn't need others to motivate him, his motivation comes from within.


    Who are you anyways, Mr. extra 'O'?

  8. ROFL , i like your style

    you are probably one of the top 5 traders on this board, am i right :D
  9. 1) Exit method vastly improved.
    Over this past week, I have re-developed my exit method, Be O-faced, it is amazing.
    It will be unveiled during the next big trade. Be Prepared to have a fixated O-face for the duration of the trade.

    2) Infrastructure being updated.
    I bought a very expensive win2k3 server from ebay. ($110 USD + free shipping)
    Dual Xeon 3.0ghz , -8 gig of ram. , 120gigHD, Windows Server 2003
    I am not only master of price action, I'm the master of value.

    3) One new MASTER CODER hired, Programming in information grabbing, Price action Scanning. Skilled in assembly, python, C++ , C , unix administration , hell everything.

    4) I'm having a little break here, Prepping up for the next ATM grab.

    5) Next ATM goal = $50k NET - $75K NET
    SIZE = 450k intial. 700k ADD
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