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    Does anyone know a futures broker where I can open an account for 3000?

    I will primarily trade the emini S&P

  2. Mate try and save and learn a bit more before coming into to play for real as it can get real nasty and if you only have 3k every tick against you will have you climbing the wall.

    Just my thoughts though good luck whatever you decide
  3. Infinity will do it but I agree with Bogan. Or sign up for a free sim on their site.

  4. best futures brokerage is www.GlobalFutures.com they offer $300 daytrade margins on the ES mini SP...hey go for it!!!...do your own due diligence and research...BIG time...do not trade without:
    2-plan to execute
    3-tight money management
    GO FOR IT!!...this is my opionion only...
  5. also note this...this is my opinion and research..please read...

    WOW!...look at this...the least risky emini to trade is the...)drum roll please )...the NQ emini Nasdaq...let me explain...I am basing this off the ATR average true range per day and potential loss of 1 contract traded per day...
    Okay here we go:

    MOST RISKY: ER2...ATR is 10.67 and (greatest)loss would be $1,067

    VERY RISKY: ES...ATR is 11.63 and (greatest) loss would be $581.50

    RISKY: YM...ATR is 98 and (greatest) loss would be $490.00

    LEAST RISKY: NQ...ATR is 21.39 and (greatest) loss would be $427.80