3000 people died in iraq in one day, and 2600 in 911, yeah whose memorializing the de

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911, sad thing, but in the big picture small

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  1. yeah 3000 people died in iraq because of what the american have done. and that is one day. Nobody is building billion dollar memorials for them or the hundreads of thousands who died because of the americans destroying their country. Yeah it was a sad thing 911, but you have to put it into perspective. You keep crying feel sorry for us, but you have created a world where iraq, a secular country, is suffering daily 911 deaths. No wonder the world thinks americans are hypocrites.
  2. Pabst


    And on what day did this alleged atrocity in Iraq occur?

    And by whom?

    America cry? ROFLMAO. Muslim pigs like you are nothing more than chumps bringing a knife to a gun fight.......
  3. Nobody has made muslim blood as cheap as the muslims themseleves.

  4. bsmeter


    According to the American president Dick Cheney, all Iraqis are categorized as terrorists.

    Iraq is the "frontline" of terror. Therefore those 3000 dead are 3000 less terrorists who will go bomb America.
  5. Does anyone know how many Muslim deaths in Iraq post-invasion have been the result of Muslims killing each other on purpose?

    Also, does anyone know how many US deaths in Iraq post-invasion have been the result of American soldiers killing each other on purpose?

    Thanks, Nik
  6. 3000 and 0.
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    Another misguided rant from our iranian pedophile mahram.

  9. Pabst,

    When I read your posts regarding trading, you come across as a very erudite person. How come when I read your commentary here in this forum, you come across as very closed-minded and quite frankly... ignorant.. uncultured.

    just my observations and... well... disappointment that you shed a poor representation of a fellow American.
  10. I'll second that.

    I may be new here, but it's just plain sad to see such vitriolic and ignorant hate-speech anywhere.

    The sweeping generalizations about entire groups of people as well as the lack of civilized discourse are sad.
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