3000+ heat records broken this weekend.

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  1. heard on the news that 3000+ heat records were broken this weekend. since global warming has been declared false by the et right wing intelligensia i am sure its nothing to worry about.
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    Now be fair, the debate has moved on to manmade GW: itsa happenin' but is he a doin' it or is he aint?

    Next stops:
    Ok, Man's doing it but should he do anything about it?
    Ok, Man should but can he do anything about it?
    Ok, Man can do something about it, but can he afford it?
    Ok, Man can affo... bleh, riot outside, gotta run.
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    So when Eastern Europe was setting record cold temps that past winter, that proved global cooling?

    Its called "weather". The path of the jet stream has changed. Watch the Weather Channel, they explain it to you. :D :D
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    Looking at this chart, it doesn't appear that Europe broke 3000+ cold records in one weekend:

  5. Nah, melting an area of Arctic ice the size of Europe wouldn't have any affect on the weather....

    "Because greenhouse gases are causing the Arctic to warm more rapidly than the rest of the planet, the sea ice cap has shrunk about 40 percent since the early 1980s. That means an area of the Arctic Ocean the size of Europe has become dark, open water in the summer instead of reflective ice, absorbing extra heat and then releasing it to the atmosphere in the fall and early winter.

    Dr. Francis, of Rutgers, has presented evidence that this is affecting the jet stream, the huge river of air that circles the Northern Hemisphere in a loopy, meandering fashion. Her research suggests that the declining temperature contrast between the Arctic and the middle latitudes is causing kinks in the jet stream to move from west to east more slowly than before, and that those kinks have everything to do with the weather in a particular spot.

    “This means that whatever weather you have today — be it wet, hot, dry or snowy — is more likely to last longer than it used to,” said Dr. Francis, who published a major paper on her theory a few weeks ago.

    “If conditions hang around long enough, the chances increase for an extreme heat wave, drought or cold spell to occur,” she said, but the weather can change rapidly once the kink in the jet stream moves along."

  6. Its not too bad where I live in CA. At night it still gets pretty cold and during the day it only goes to around 90.
  7. Free thinker....what do you care if global warming is real or not. If it is real, you wont be here to care and since your an atheist, nothing should really matter to you after you are gone.
  8. you have a good point. i dont debate global warming all that much. science cant even get educated americans to accept that there is no invisible magic man in the sky so how are we going to get them to accept other science?
    every once in a while though i find something so worth posting and as a bonus i get to draw the deniers out by exposing a pattern. the pattern goes something like this:religious,anti global warming,anti science,anti education,racist,birther,truther,and superstitious.
    the only question i am still struggling with is religion the cause of these traits or the result. which was it in your case?

    "Without a shred of verifiable and falsifiable evidence to the contrary, 50% of the republicans don't believe that President Obama was born in the US less than 50 years ago. And yet, those same people are certain that 2000 years ago someone called jesus was born in of a virgin in the Middle East, did miracles, died on the cross and resurrected to heaven without a shred of verifiable and falsifiable evidence to support this."
  9. I think you summed it up really well, but, you forgot xenophobic (illegal immigration) and homophobic (gay marriage).

    How can these religious types even get away with such hypocrisy in public?

    How can they hold opinions they subconciously know are wrong? Is it because they were taught to fear themselves via a strong religious upbringing? "God will give the answer", "pray for good things to happen", "don't disobey God", "God is in every one of us" etc etc.

    To me it seems like telling people to seek answers, judgement and solace from a mythical being takes away their sense of personal responsibility, and if unchecked, creates a hypocritical mess of an individuals' psychology.

    Now that I think about - this is exactly why religion was used for thousands of years to oppress and control the populace... today, a similar control structure is there, but much more subtle.
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    1. without a shread evidence ever produced for a govt body or court... we have obama loons acting like they know where Obama was born.
    Obama was even willing to take a default in court rather than produce evidence.

    You are an obama loon if you state you know he was born in the U.S.

    That is the thing about leftists they not only lie about things no one can know... but they act like it is a virtue to be a leftist drone and ape the lies laid out of them by crooked politicans and George Soro's team.

    2. And then to top it off they act like it is a virtue to pretend science knows man creates warming... when anyone who can read a chart can see the earth cycles... and that in those cycles warming precedes CO2 buildup.
    Therefore there is no proof CO2 buildup is the cause of the warming, it may be that warming is the cause of CO2 buildup.
    But do leftist care for science or the truth?

    Nope they just want to be drones. When I read Orwell I did not think people would be so happy as to let the state lie to them and dominate them. I realize Orwell predicted Obamaloons and leftists drones and it is just beginning.

    Yes oh great state let me surrender my freedom to you for a little bit more free ice cream this month.
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