3000 Dow In 2010

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  1. What I hate about this type of stuff is most likely he will be wrong in all or most of his predictions, but he'll make a new batch later and still sell a bunch of his newsletters or whatever the heck he sells to more people.

    In other words, these people are wrong over and over and over and over and over and over and over again and they never seem to pay a price for their incorrect predictions, yet if they ever get one right, they would shout it from the highest hilltop ("I told you so!", etc.).

    Reminds me of something I saw in the NFL one year - someone tracked like 280 so called expert's Super Bowl picks in the preseason and ONE guy - yes ONE guy got ONE of the teams that made it right. And yet, I bet they were back the next year, beting touted as "Expert Picks". lol

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  2. freaking looks like a pretty happy guy this dent, for such a pessimist

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  3. My prediction is 2000 Dow In 2010.
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  4. tortoise


    My prediction (for the next six months):

    March, April, May, June, July, and August will occur, as scheduled.
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  5. You are predicting total collapse.
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  7. Yes the "end game" is here. It had to happen some day. Nothing lasts forever.
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  8. And I thought I was bearish.
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  9. When I hear anyone predict a large move in the market one way, and then an even bigger swing the other way, I wait until I see at least the first part be right before I give it any shred of cred
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  10. Huh, that's Harry!
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