300 points drop today?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mark2, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. mark2


    Very possible.. I think.
  2. do yourself a favor........please don't think. React.
  3. mark2


    What make you think I won't react to it???
  4. Yet another worthless thread in the Trading Forum of ET.

  5. S2007S


    Market is ready for new lows, today I dont think it will happen, maybe next week. The Russel and Nasdaq have held up extremely well compared to the DOW.
  6. mark2


    What you said is possible too...But when I read closer to the lunch time actions.. I think we will see lower level later today..
  7. mark2


    How? A thread is worthless only if there is no discussion...
  8. The key to trading is MAKING MONEY via successful methodologies.
    You have provided absolutely nothing other than "I think the market is going lower".

    You don't even provide a level in the DJIA where you believe is support/resistance.
    No technical levels. No specifics.

    Just . . . "I think the market is going lower"

    How is that of value?
    How constructive is such a statement?
    Does it provide for a "basis" to make money?
  9. Sort of like the thread you started yesterday. Something about a reaction new low in the SP500 at 1330 and we were going to see 1400.

    Do us all a flavor and STFU.
  10. mark2


    hahaha... funny. Dude.. all you need to have in order to be a profitable trader is a good sense of direction of a market.. I am not here to tell what level, value of whatever... most of the time, those are more bullshit than anything I said in this thread.

    And who said one has to give the basis to make money when posts?????? And will you brainlessly take whatever you are told? You sure you know what you are talking about?

    Dude, you are funny... HAHA!
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