300% is nothing

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jackherman59, Dec 23, 2007.

  1. I often times log on here to find some person say how they made 300%. 300% in a day is nothing and I have done it quite a few times this year shorting sub-prime. All you guys gloating about your 300%, stop. Its not anything impressive.

    This year I made 10000% shorting subprime riding it down down down.
  2. Turning your $1000 into $3k is not a hard task to accomplish. Another idiot on ET, imagine that.
  3. You are the biggest idiot yet. World class nut.
  4. Pray tell the details of the trade. I would like to check the counter party of your trade! Was it with Goldman Sachs, or perhaps Lehman Brothers...hmm may be was it SB? noo wait is it Merril Lynch or was it Morgan Stanley?

    You see the league I am talking about? How much did you invest? was it 85k? or a 1mm? Ever heard of transactions worth 100mm? Does this make any sense at all?