30 Year Fixed Jumbo Loan 7.26%

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Aaron Copland, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. I you thought the fed was out to help average Americans think again.

    So if you want a house for say 670k and only have 10% down your are going to pay over 7%. Rates are going up!


    The fed came to wall streets rescue not the American. And guess what the money the fed plays with is your income tax dollars.

    High paid wall street execs fail and you bail them out, what a system.

  2. 670k for a house is NOT an average american. and give the jumbo conforming loans more then a week on the market before we judge if they help or not.
  3. Has it helped conventional? Loans under 417k not really. And jumbos have risen, thems the facts.
  4. The fed is bailing out the investment banks, they are unregulated. The fed is supposed to help depository institutions as they are regulated.

    This is without a doubt a Wall Street bail out, and with you income tax dollars. How does that make you feel.
  5. The Gummint runs the show and controls the money. Certain people are to be benefitted at the expense of others.... a story as old as the age of civilized man.
  6. yeah, its allways a conspiracy theory. big guy allways out to get us
  7. Specifically, the Gummint! What, you don't believe that? (If you really do not, suggest you read up on some world financial history.)
  8. 1) No it is not - it is whatever money they want to print and place into use. They do not collect income taxes - they print and lend and collect interest on that. They are not part of the government.

    2) Pretty pathetic - we will get to a point where they cannot protect and it will be much worse - let them fail!