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  2. inspiring. some attractive ladies there as well
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    Only on wall street: some of these guys make eight figures a year.
  4. trader monthly who started 30 for 30 was great, $50k watches, cigar reviews, jet rentals. classic lol
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    I got the impression trader monthly had made up those lists. The lists had real people
    But the few I knew on the list weren't the best even on heir own desks.
  6. nice w/ the trader monthly reference! i remember reading that every month and all of us here on et would make fund of it b/c it was basically a watch catalog that had a few trading articles in it. although i did find johnny chan's insights from the poker world useful.

    how many traders saw their covers every month and said "that'll be me in no time once i start employing the jack hershey method".

    i read the book "the zeroes my misadventures in the decade wall street went insane" that detailed the story of the mag by the publisher. highly recommended if you're interested in the entire story. also there were some hysterical stories about l. dykstra in there that had me literally lol.

  7. ...you mean you didn't make it? :( :( ;) :D
  8. For all you know, they are using the Jack Hershey method and just got really, really lucky on a large bet.
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    no offense but...either you're gay or you just don't get out that much.
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