30% payout w/ no comm

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  1. I do not think that there is an average payout simply because there are an EXTREMELY limited amount of firms that do that.

    I would say that 50% is close to a sky payout; but I do know that the 30% is the standard. But if you have a good track record (and these places dont care how many trades you do) - you may negotiate some deal, I guess.
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  2. So, what you're saying is, there aren't many firms who don't charge commissions but instead take a % of your payout?

    At the firms that do this, 50% would be considered a 'high payout?'

    Lastly, how many shares do you have to be doing a day for a firm to consider you?
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  3. 1. Yes, very very few.

    2. Yes - 50% with 0 commission is extremely high (it's probably as rare as paying 0.001 a share with 100% payout trading firm capital)

    3. That's the point - they dont look for traders based on how many shares they trade - they are not in the business of churning.

    The difference between these (0 commission) firms and the rest of prop shop - the only way they make money is if the trader makes money. They don't get any money for shares traded.
    Therefore - if you're numbers are good (P&L) share amount is irrelevant.

    I know of a place that is taking on traders now, the one the original poster asked about I think. The spreadsheet posted by WCOMtrader makes a lot of sense.

    For a beginning trader I think that paying no commission is great.
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  4. Well, I'm thinking that 300,000 shares a month is about what I might be doing ... I don't know if you've seen my other thread (IB cheap etc), but do you think on only 300,000 shares a month that some firm will give me better commissions than 1 cent for 500 and 1/2 cent for 500+?
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  5. Yes, but you need to talk to someone who makes these decisions. PM me, I may have a contact.
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