30% off @ Old Navy, Gap & Banana Republic Mar18-21

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by brownsfan019, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. Another 30% off coupon for you and 5% of your purchase goes to the LLS.

    COUPON: http://www.gapinc.com/giveandget/lls/

    Coupon details:
    • 30% off your purchase @ Gap, Old Navy or Banana Republic
    • 5% of your purchase is donated to the LLS
    • Just take coupon to get your discount!
    • Good from Mar 18-21 only
  2. Any chance you have the same thing redeemable at Best Buy or Home Depot? :confused:
  3. I wish!!
  4. Thanks!

  5. most active traders this year will have no money for banana republic even with discount, gap is okay
  6. Little bump for anyone shopping this weekend.
  7. i miss those once great dell deals :(
  8. No money for GAP. I am spending my money on foods. :D
  9. No money for food. Spending my money on whiskey.:D