30 min' bar trade - ActiveTrader ?

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  1. Yes, but a chop in one timeframe can look like a trend in another. It's good to look at more than one time frame if you want to have more profitable trade setups of the same kind.
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    Rt ,
    the hit rate is so bad that one might be interested in developing a system to fade it. Do you get a chart with signals on it when you test? If so, could you post a couple? thx Steve
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  3. Agreed wally.

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    Can anybody code this for TS 2000

    Thank you,

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  5. Here is a chart of the signals for MSFT.

    It would be of no value to try the current system as devised on 10 minute data, since the factor of 1/2 % would need to be changed to work with the smaller moves in the 10 minute data vs. 30 minute data.

    As mentioned this is a trend following system and when the prices chop, it does poorly.
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    Thanks for your time and trouble :)

    43 systems down maybe the next one will be the one :)

    No just kidding, though really, thank you all for your replies.

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