30 inch Dell Will this work on my computer.....HELP PLEASE

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    One of my monitors just broke so i am gonna upgrade to a UltraSharp 3007WFP-HC 30-inch Widescreen Flat Panel LCD Monitor ..but i am not sure if my computer can handle it...right now i have 6 screens working. I have upgraded video cards...but i am not sure how to tell if my computer will work with this new monitor....Could someone please help me out and let me know how to tell if my computer will work with this monitor....

    this is what Dell says you need to run the monitor...

    Note: To view the 3007WFP-HC monitor it its native resolution of 2560 x 1600, your PC must have a dual-link DVI-D compatible graphics card that supports this resolution.

    Thanks for any help

  2. Tums


    you need a video card with a connection like this:
    You will also need 2 DVI cables. Both are used to connect the monitor to the video card.

    <img src="http://ak.buy.com/buy_assets/rsschannel/141/399/4.jpg">

    i.e. a more upscale video card than yesterday's stock VGA variety.
    Many current model computers have this video available. But check the spec to make sure they can handle the resolution.
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    So a Matrox G400/G450 or a Matrox graphics millennium G200 won't cut it?

    That is what i have now.....

    I am not sure what to do now.....
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    So what video card do i need to run this monitor?? Any suggestions were i can buy one?
  5. Tums


    most of the PCI/PCI-e cards have dual DVI link.


    The more money you pay, the more 3D graphics processing power you get.
    Most of the trading/charting software use 2D, so it doesn't matter if you buy a cheaper card.

    However if you enjoy watching HD video, play action video games, browse Google Earth, read an occasional PDF, then a more powerful video card can come in handy.

    Current popular high power cards are 8800GT and 9600GT.
  6. It appears that your G450 can only go up to 2048 x 1536.

    A good choice would be a Geforce 8600, which is quite cheap, comes in fanless varieties, and can run two 30" monitors at full resolution.

    Unfortunately they are only PCIe, which based on the description of your other graphics cards, your motherboard may not have. First you need to check what ports you motherboard has. If it has AGP then it won't have PCIe.

    It is still possible to get a high resolution AGP or normal PCI card, but it will likely be much more expensive then the current PCIe cards.

    There are also often issues with having different makes of cards in the same PC, as in ATi and Nvidia.

    But first you need to find what ports are on your motherboard.
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    I believe you can use a DVI to VGA adaptor (10 dollars) as a temporary solution. Won't get the native resolution though.
  8. Simply because you have a video card that has two DVI outputs does NOT mean you have a dual DVI link and thus could support a 30" monitor.

    Check the specs of the card you have to see if it'll support 2560x1600 that the Dell offers.
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    Thanks for all of your help..you guys are all great!!!but i dont think that i am gonna spend the money on more video cards my computer is over 5 years old....even though i could use more monitor space...

    i think that i am just gonna buy another 22 inch monitor

    although it might be time to purchase a new computer....right now i have a dell dimension 8250...works great but like i said its getting old....
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    If i have a PCI slot available...could i use a PCIe card in it?
    like a Geforce 8600

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