30 inch DELL and what video card to use so STERLING won't lag???

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by NYSEtrader123, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. I've tried reducing Level II and time n sales screens. That helps some but when the market gets super active i still lag. I used to run a lot more on my old machine. It was under windows XP not Vista and i also didn't have the larger monitor.

    I would like to hear from other Sterling traders and if they experience similar issues. I'm not opposed to dropping Sterling altogether.
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  2. I just don't get it. Maybe my computer kowledge is lacking but doesn't the monitor simply display the data the computer spits out. How can it have any effect when it's only receiving data? That's like saying your dvd player keeps changing the channels on your tv.
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  3. IluvVol


    Exactly...the lag in getting real-time data is 0% correlated with the video card. Even thinking of a possible connection should disqualify to trade, ;-)

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  4. I don't really know a whole lot about this either, but from what i understand it does play a part. Hardcore gamers that stream a lot of data require higher end cards so that they don't get a lag. And the higher the resolution of your monitor the more of a problem it can become. I was just speaking to some guy from geek squad at best buy and he also agreed that this could be the problem.
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  5. Calm down there Mr. master trader.
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  6. I assume you tested sterling's theory about your problem via simply only connecting one of your small monitors (disconnecting the other 2 small monitors and the one 30inch monitior).

    Thus, did the lag go away or reduce dramatically ???

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  7. I've got the Nvidia GTX 285 with the Samsung 30"

    Buttery smooth and you can play any game in any resolution
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  8. DanishFK


    Unless you're displaying 3D charts which use a fair amount of system resources, you shouldn't be seeing a lag on your screen.

    The quotes/charts are more likely to lag because of a slower processor, low memory, slow internet connection or most important an overloaded server from where you're getting the information from.

    How are all the monitors connected ?

    Do you have just one Graphics card ?

    Did the new card solve the problem ?
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  9. I do believe that it was a combination of all the things you mentioned causing the problem. The power supply on this machine was not sufficient to power the new video card and after that i just decided to purchase a new PC.

    On top of that, I'will be looking to move to a new trading platform as well.

    Thanks to all that helped!!!!!!!!
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  10. Low memory in your video card can 100% slow down the quotes and charts and also running 64 bit computer on 32 bit software and how MS.net works with two can alos slow it down.. Learned first hand on larger monitors above 24 inch.

    Get the Cad cards and speed a few hundo and save a few K in your trade account.
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