30 freaking years!!

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  1. Who the hell could live with the same person in power for that long!?!? Thats insane!

    I agree, dictators suck.
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    The problem is that the people who will end up in charge will probably be worse, these middle eastern arab countries just go from 1 shit head leader to another, i almost think that as it stands right now they are incapable of living in a democracy, atleast the dictators keep the religious fanatics somewhat in check, because they know that if they dont they piss the world off, and they will lose their power.

    I imagine what will end up happening is a new even more radical fanatical muslim cleric or someone else will end up in charge of the country. I would be worried right now if I was living in Israel, they could be facing a war from all fronts very soon. Atleast the U.S. could keep Mubarek from going into a full scale war with Israel, the same can not be said if some radical who wants to wage Jihad ends up in charge.
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  4. Why don't you think for your own rather than copy HOMO's posts word for word.

    Talk about sheep.
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    WTF?!?! i was the one who posted it then i moved my post to another thread, and added to it, you are not very bright.
  6. Regardless of what you think of our Queen she does not run the military or have an willing army of secret police at her behest.
  7. Oh I am sorry! I never knew you were dyslectic!

    Either that or either you have zero self worth to the point that you think of a trialer trash HOMO's praise of your post as enough credit for you to post it again.

    Get a life Hello, seriously man
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    LOL you are awesome!! I mean that, you are making me laugh so hard. Keep it up. :D
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    I understand Hello!
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    I didn't say anything negative about Her Majesty, just pointing out a fact. Maybe you can remind me how does she pay for her living and how she acquired all that wealth ?
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