30% Discount - Earn2Trade's Improved Gauntlet

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    Earn2Trade's Improved Gauntlet

    Since launching The Gauntlet™ we’ve continued to build it based on your feedback. Our next development is going to be our most significant to date, and dramatically improve your Gauntlet™ experience.

    From June 3rd every new Gauntlet™ will be funded for the full $25,000 with an 80% profit share on successful completion. Your non-trailing maximum drawdown will depend on your drawdown during the evaluation. See the chart below for details.


    The Gauntlet™ candidates will also have complimentary access to our Beginner Crash Course during their evaluation, which includes 62 lessons and over 50 webinars.

    We trust the improved offer will allow more traders to take The Gauntlet™ with full confidence in the funding they’ll receive, and make the best offer in the industry even better. The promotion is available until June 17th.
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  2. mm2mm


    no. totaly pointless. esp if its 60 days. Just get a damn job and make 2500$ and put it on amp and onpy trade 1 contract.
  3. Earn2Trade-Ryan

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    Hello mm2mm,

    It’s not pointless, that’s too cold! Of course there’s a point and the point is to lower your risk capital to $349.00 or in this case $244.30, if you take the 30% discount into consideration. Our new offer is a big improvement on our previous Gauntlet, and we now provide a higher minimum funding offer and our Beginner Crash Course complementary over the course of your examination. Regarding the 60 days, we’re considering a shorter Gauntlet for the future but right now we’re very excited to offer our current Gauntlet in an improved format.
  4. gaussian


    You took way too much time to formulate a reply to a guy who can't even put the dollar sign in the right place or spell `only`. Commendable, but unnecessary.
  5. mm2mm


    lets all worry where the dollar sign goes and spelling mistakes
  6. mm2mm


    2percent is a maximum 500$ drawdown ... you did not make it better, you made it worse. There were people before who dipped below 24500 and still got 25k and 10.
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  7. Earn2Trade-Ryan

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    Hello mm2mm,

    Yes, and they also vastly outperformed the 10% profit target to receive that offer. In some cases, there were candidates who did up to 40% profit with a 4% drawdown. Our improved offer bases the risk capital allocation strictly on the non-trailing max drawdown. This achieves the balance of risk management while still providing the flexibility that candidates love about our examination.

    The biggest feedback we received from our candidates was to provide greater transparency on the offer. Our improved offer raises the minimum capital a trader will have to trade with, and provides a more coherent non-trailing max drawdown target range. Our goal was to simplify our service and provide a better opportunity to our candidates while taking the risk requirements of Helios Trading Partners into consideration.
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  8. SumZero


    The 2% maximum DD is on the initial 25K or at any time ?
    I guess it is at any time (that's what makes sense for a trader). Achieving 10% profit without having 2% DD at anytime requires a good amount of luck.
  9. Earn2Trade-Ryan

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    Our drawdown isn't trailing, so it's only based on the initial 25k.
  10. Times


    But, is it really the "full $25,000" if earn2trade can seemingly randomly decide users can't swing trade and can only trade intraday?

    As intraday margin is only $300-$500. Meaning the funded account is really equivalent to only a $900(3 lots intraday margin) + Drawdown. Far from a full $25k account

    Also, any reason why Earn2Trade does not specify rules that a trader has to break to be locked down to intraday trading only?

    This is where the lack of confidence comes from me and other traders who I chat with, As 60 days for an account that could end up being the equivalent to $900(3 lots intraday margin) + Drawdown is not that appealing. Also there are other intraday prop firms that offer 12 lots for $200 or 15 lots for $300~ etc

    However, I am looking forward to this
    Any sneak peaks or estimates? will it be like most other prop firms which can be completed in 10-15 days?
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