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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Ely K, Jan 4, 2007.

  1. Ely K

    Ely K

    Boss put me on notice yesterday can't say I blame him either I make too many mistakes. Mortgages just don't do it for me He’s a good manager and I like him personally but I’m too distracted by trading. When not attempting it I'm trying to learn more about it.

    From what I've read this community seems Legit and refreshingly helpful and open. So here we go I'll hang’em out there...

    I want to trade for a living.

    How can I pay the bills while learning?

    Is it worth getting a series 7?


    I'm open to all suggestions as well as good natured criticism.

  2. Please, no one respond to this man. I cant stand one more thread like this, not one more thread. Please no more. Dont respond. I know you guys want to respond, please dont. Please. . .
  3. You can't get a series 7 without working at a brokerage house as a broker. You have to get a broker to sponser you. I suggest you call Alaron trading and see if they will train you to learn how to be a trading broker. You already have mortgage skills. So it is basically the same thing except you are selling a different product but similar. You can't pay your bills while learning. You have to work too and then trade part time. You will lose your money while learning. No exceptions. Everybody loses.
  4. Ely K

    Ely K

    This guys a HATER don't listen to him. Putting others down doesn't get people anywhere in life. You get back 2x what you put into others...
  5. was that really necessary?