30 Day Moving Average

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    Can someone point me to a web site (Free I hope) where I can see each day after the market closes, stocks crossing their 30 day moving average? (either up or down)
  2. I don't know of any for free but a low-priced end of day program that would be great for that is Worden Bros. telechart2000 program. I think they have 2-3 different types of subscriptions/prices.
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    I saw the answer somewhere in here but I have to search for it.
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    go to msn.com
    look under money
    then find investing
    select Stock Research
    click on Stock Screener

    you have to Upgrade to the MSN Money Investment Toolbox
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    Thanks to those who were very helpful.
    I appreciate it
    Happy New Year!
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  7. Prophetfinance.com - javacharts
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    Why the 30 day moving average?
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