30/34 system

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dpg2020, May 19, 2003.

  1. dpg2020


    Does anyone have any experience with this system. It's a swing mechanical system for trading the eminis based upon following the 34 day ema and the 30 minute bars. Please help.
  2. I just coded this in EL, and according to the rules listed in the link above, I'm not seeing results anywhere close to those posted in the excel sheet. Maybe I've got some aspect of the strategy incorrect. Can you duplicate those results?
  3. Jordan


    I just read the enthios link and my interpretation of the method is that it uses a 34 period ema on a 30 minute chart, NOT a 34 day ema. I didn't look at the spreadsheet so maybe it is defined there as a 34 dema. My bad if it is...
  4. Off the cuff i'll say the strategy needs a profit target plus a stops to breakeven point or trailing stop to be profitible. I trade SMAs and have always found this to be a necessary ingredient to those strategies.
  5. Actually, my stops look like they're malfunctioning, maybe it's better than I thought.
  6. man


    I think you got that wrong. 30 34 is size of jeans, not a trading system ...
  7. prox


    I believe it backtested around 33% wins with a 2.5 to 1 ratio ..

    33% wins is pretty tough to trade, you really have to believe in the system.