3 People in the World

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  1. This is the fundamental argument that is going on on many threads.

    Hypothetical Situation:

    3 People in the H-World.

    You, Person X, and Frenchguy.

    You know nothing about Person X.

    The following information is given:

    You have the first move.
    Person X has the second move.
    French Guy is a sideliner.

    If you do anything except for killing Person X, Person X, on his turn will have a 50% chance of killing you - and he will only attempt to kill you. Therefore, if you do anything except for killing Person X, you have a 50% chance of being killed yourself.

    In the event that you do anything except killing Person X, the Frenchguy will remain unmoved. If you get killed by Person X on his move, the Frenchguy may be swayed a tiny bit towards the Person X side.

    If you Kill Person X: He has no chance of killing you. You have 1--% chance of surviving Person X.
    In this situation the Frenchguy will be very upset at you.

    This is a SUBJECTIVE question, not an objective. Put youself in the shoes of YOU.

    What would you pick.

    Oh - there are no other choices: disabling, freezing, arresting or anything else you can come up with, means: not killing. Therefore, the same death percentages apply.

    Also, you can't reason, explain, persuade, hypnotize the Person X.

    You can also do whatever you want with the Frenchguy at any time.
  2. Is person X male or female?
  3. And if its a female, what does she look like?
  4. That is the next "logical" question, isn't it?
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    This is easy, you kill Person X.
  6. bobcathy1

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    hmmm.....kill them both.
    Neither sounds like a fun person.:eek:
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    I think this was an exercise in foreign policy and I believe your decision to be a contradiction of your previous posts on the war on Iraq. Of course I could be wrong. I just see the similar characteristics here.
  8. Exactly!

    The biggest problem with people is that when they expand this to real life, they change their mind: try to appease Frenchguy, wait for his approval, or say that killing Person X is bad.

    When stating an opinion on real issues, that have this underlining concept, people do not see past the filler of the situation and disregard the fundemental principle : us vs them
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    hmmm....Truthfully I am quite undecided on how I feel about our being in a war in Iraq. Not that anyone really cares what I think. The government goes on without me.
    There was no third choice in this question and it is very "black and white". It is a big world......I would hide somewhere no one would find me could be a suitable answer for me too. However if it is between them and me......I have no doubt I would make the correct decision. :p
  10. So you would hide away until Person X finds you - or until you die in hideout.

    Do you think that this is a viable solution?

    I think that it could be a viable choice - however Person X still has the same 50% chance of killing you.

    I think we are uncovering some basic fundamental traits that govern people.

    Bob - do you consider yourself more liberal or conservative (I think I know the answer)
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