3 Months = 3 Years. Same Bill Amount

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  1. My mobile phone bill amount for 3 years is same as my brother's mobile phone bill amount for 3 months.

    Majority of my business is by emails and internet. I speak to my friends by emails or have a meeting with them when they are near my residence.

    People should talk less and work more and spend more time with their family.

    I use landline phone more and less mobile phone. Landline bill amount is also less. Less talkative.

    The amount of information available on the internet and knowledge TV channels such as Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, National geographic, is endless. So people should spend more time on the internet and knowledge TV channels.

    Since I spend long hours on the internet and watch knowledge channels, nobody can defeat me in financial debate, political debate, world society debate and wild world or animal world debate.

    People should be less talkative if it is not important talk.

    Man v/s Wild, Dual Survival, Survivor Man are my favourite TV programs.
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    Why do you have such a thirst for knowledge if you do not wish to communicate and develop that knowledge with others through the medium of voice? Voice is a more efficient medium of communication than written communication. Synchronous or asynchronous?

    Posting on internet sites is probably the lowest denomination of both fact and communication. Knowledge is sparse, and the communication synchronous or otherwise ignored.

    Why are you here?
  3. My internet bill amount is high because of long hours of important discusssions over the internet.

    I have read some media reports saying, excess use of mobile phones causes cancer. Some mobile phones have exploded injuring the ears of the users.

    So many times I think "it's good that my mobile phone use is less".
  4. People should this... People should that... You ever been in Sales? You have to convince people to think a certain way and posting on forums is not the way to do it.
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    You mean like during visiting hours?
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  8. That is a good question. I hope someone answers that.