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    I saw a lap-top that can support 2 external screens besides for its own screen giving you a 3 screen setup. The one I saw had a external port (which most have) and a card for the 2nd external screen. I searched retailers but they did not know about it. Anyone know where I can get one or of any other way to connect 2 external screens to a lap-top?
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  3. Is laptop OS win2000 or XP?
    The "display-to-go" card at margi.com does not appear compatible with winXp.
    Another low cost alternative might be Appian Traveler card. Also 'seen references to MaxiVista.

    One thing I'd caution with is that eventually You'll probably get tired of carrying around too many components for the whole setup.

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  6. This product looks great - it definitely fills a void. Has anyone tried it to see how well it works in the real world?



  7. Works flawlessly (your laptop needs a compatible TI chipset - they will confirm with you before placing the order), and the support is great. They are also coming out with a TV tuner option. Ask for Geoff Amthor.

    "Regarding the TV tuner option: as discussed, we will be offering this as a standard option under Digital Tigers branding (tentatively, "Tiger TV"). It's $199 and supports monitor resolutions up to 1280x1024. (This is its unique advantage over lesser TV tuner products, which can't support 1280x1024 resolution.) It's an external box that supports coax TV input, component (DVD) input, and standard S-video and composite video inputs. Output is standard VGA-style HD15 (Dsub) connector for your monitor, plus audio outputs that you can run to speakers. A remote control is included, enabling you to change channels, switch between PIP and full-screen, etc.

    In tandem with the SideCar, you would cable the TV tuner in series between one SideCar display output and your display. This enables you to use the PIP feature to overlay TV or video in a window over standard computer applications. (You can also toggle full-screen mode.) Alternatively, if your display has two inputs, you could cable the SideCar to one input and the TV tuner to the second input, and then use the monitor's input selection button to switch between full-screen video and computer display."
  8. If you read the fine print at the digital tigers site, it says that the units are built using matrox cards, which also gives me faith that they would be prett reliable.

  9. But....the others only support 1 extra monitor.

    Is this only for 2000/XP? will it work with Windows 98?

    Michael B.

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    I want one, badly!
    but the price..
    Might wait till they appear on ebay
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