3 monitor trading workstation for sale (South Florida)

Discussion in 'Trading' started by baileydog, Apr 14, 2004.

  1. baileydog


    As some of you may know from my last posts, I have essentially blown out of my capital. I had a computer built for my trading 8 months ago and no longer have use for it. It is in perfect condition and has not even been turned on since January when I stopped trading. Anyone looking for an almost new top-shelf trading workstation in SoFla that is all set up and works great? Make me an offer. Thanks!


    2.4 gig intel pentium
    1 gig ram
    3 19' crt monitors with nvidia cards
    cd-dvd rw
    Microsoft NT operating system
  2. nkhoi


    they all gone?
  3. gramps


    gawd there is a lot of horsesh*t flying around here:D
  4. Boomer


    could i ask what you paid for the full setup?