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  1. OK, I started a thread before on this forum about setting up dual monitors, and I received an enormous amount of help, so I'm hoping for the same. I need to expand to 3 monitors and I was wondering how I do so.
    I currently run the 2 monitors into a dual-port graphics card that I installed. I still have the single-port card that I took out that came with the computer. Is it possible to connect another monitor using the extra card? Or do I need a graphics card with more than 2 ports (if there is such a thing available)? Any help would be appreciated, and I'll post again with more details as to my hardware when I get home. Thanks in advance,

  2. if its a pci card you can just stick it in and install proper drivers and hook up your 3rd monitor.if its an agp card you can only have one per computer.
  3. Most likely, the graphics card that came with the computer was a AGP card and the one you bought would most likely be a PCI card. If both are either AGP or PCI, they would most likely work together. You have to test this out since sometimes different graphics cards are not compatible.
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    if both cards are AGP, then you'll need another card. if one card is AGP and the other is PCI then you should be golden. when you provide more hw details, the collective cyber-we will have a better idea of what is or isn't possible.

    if you do need another card, you can pick up a single port (PCI, assuming your current card is AGP) card for cheap. heck, you can get dual and quad port PCI cards pretty cheap. whichever way you go, keep in mind not all cards / drivers / pc's / etc play nice together. can't we all just get along :D

    since you probably have more than one open PCI slot, scalability probably isn't a huge issue. however, remember you have already gone from needing one monitor to two and now three. so, it's not unthinkable that you might eventually want to add more screens and therefore need more ports.


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  5. Try to pick up a PCI card that uses the same chipset as the one in your AGP card.

    For example, if your AGP card is Nvidia GeForce based, make sure that you purchase a PCI card that is Nvidia based. This will help cut down on the capatibility issues that frequently arise when you have conflicts between different chipsetted cards.
  6. Okay, this is going to sound REALLY dumb, but how can you tell whether your card is an AGP or PCI?

    I currently have the MATROX Millenium G450 dual head card and looking to add a 3rd monitor.

    I had the computer custom built and have no idea what the guy did and it was 3 years ago....

    I tried looking up the card, but it looks like BOTH types of cards are made for the same model #.

    I looked up the card info in the "display" area in my control panel, and it doesnt elaborate on that?

    can anyone point me in the right direction?
  7. if it fits in the white slot it is a pci. or go to ebay and look at the pictures of both similar cards and compare the part that plugs in.
  8. Thanks. that was easy!
  9. Thanks for all the replies, they are most helpful. My current dual-head card is a GEForce PCI card, and I believe the single-port card was a GEForce AGP. From the info I've been given, it sounds like I can run the third monitor off the AGP card, since they're both Nvidia GEForce cards. Correct? If this is wrong, please let me know, or if there is anything else I'm missing. If not, I'll be ordering the monitor this weekend. Thanks again for the help!

  10. it should work.
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