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    Glad I could help. As I said, there's nothing wrong with the Radeon VE card for Win2000 or Win98, and it does a fine job for dual-monitor (or single monitor) display when properly set up. For those using NT, however, it will only work for single monitor display -- unfortunately the Radeon VE doesn't support dual-monitor display with NT. One of it's quirks. :) The Matrox G450 does support dual-monitor display in NT along with Win2000 and Win98.
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    I know your problem has already been solved, however the question about the G450 still needs some clarification. Using the G450 PCI and AGP one could display a separate resolution on each monitor using win98SE but not with Win2k, however new G450 drivers came out in September. Now with the new G450 drivers you can set the resolution for each monitor separately in Win2k.
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  3. I have 2 monitors running very well in Win 2000 Pro using the appian dual card. I needed a third monitor so I bought a PNY technologies single video card. When I rebooted, the system used the just installed card as the primary monitor. According to Microsoft, I should go to control panel->display-> settings to reconfigue mult monitor settings.After right clicking on the desktop to start configuring my 3 monitor display, a message flashed FOR 1 second-looks a lot like hexadecimals and then the screen went blank.
    HELP!! Thanks
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    For those of you interested in multimonitor displays, there is a web site devoted to the subject at


    Click on database and a list of virtually all possible monitor card combinations that others have used will be available.
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    Excellent database, thanks for the post.
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