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    I currently have 2 monitors running off a Matrox G450 Dual-head card. I am thinking of adding a 3rd monitor. Can anybody suggest whether I need to get a NEW multi-display card (like Appian Jeronimo Pro - it costs too much, though), or can I simply add another single or dual-display card to my PC? What are the pros and cons?
  2. Add another G450 (be sure it's PCI) for little over $100. Then you can add two more monitors when you so desire. The 450's combine seamlessly. That wasn't too hard to figure out was it?
  3. Bucky Lee,

    Do you know if it is the same with a G400 dual head AGP. Can I just add a G450 PCI to bump up to 4 monitors.

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    The original G450 was really easy to install and configuire. My question is: how will the computer recognize that I now have 3-4 monitors and not just 2? The Matrox software only has an option of DUAL monitors. So how will it look on my screen?
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    The Matrox software has BUILT IN PRESETS for a three monitor config. I just checked. You can spread your desktop over three monitors or four...your choice.

    Bucky Lee
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    That's good to know. Where is the info you are referring to?
  7. In the Matrox software in my computer...

    Do you wanna come over and take a look...:)

    Bucky Lee
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    All right, you convinced me Bucky Lee. Good bye Jeronimo Pro, hello (again) Matrox G450.
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    You will not have any problems at all adding another G450 card. I have 4 G450 PCI vid cards and 1 G450 eTV all dualheads of course. They are about $97.00 plus shipping. When you install your next G450 you will have to load the drivers for that card also from the CD. The software on the CD will recognize all the G450 cards you have in your computer. Be sure to update your computer with the lastest drivers. Matrox updated the G450 drivers around 13 Sep 01. Go to http://www.matrox.com/mga/support/drivers/latest/home.cfm
    for the update. Any other questions please ask.
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    So are you running 8 monitors and a TV off of your PC? That's pretty impressive! What kind of a pc is it (memory, HD and other specs)? Can I also ask what kind of trading software are you using?
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