3 Monitor Hell

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by rossmedia, Sep 20, 2003.

  1. I have three monitors hooked up to two dual Matrox g450 PCI video cards. When I go to dispaly monitors properties only 2 show up. The third monitor is on but the mouse won't scroll back and forth to it. How do I get the third monitor to show up in the monitor setting so that I can move easily between all three screens. Thanks.

  2. When you right click desktop, then properties and settings, is the 3rd monitor there, but dim compared to the other two? If not, are the two monitors that are there on the same video card?
  3. The 3rd monitor isn't there. The two there are on the same card
  4. H2O


    Go to your configuration screen , system, hardware , hardware devices

    You should see 2 videocards installed.
    If you don't see them, then you have to add the hardware by clicking <Add new hardware> (search for already installed hardware)

    If you see 2 of them, then you have to check if you see a marker next to one of them (indicating it's not correctly installed / working) Right click on the one that is not working and follow the menu.

    Hope this helps
  5. It sounds like your computer is not "seeing" the second card. So it is best to ask the simple question even tho I am sure of the answer, but is the card with the single monitor installed correctly, ie., pushed all the way in to the socket? I know, I know, but the "is it plugged in" question always has to be asked. Also, just in case, have you tried shutting down and cold-starting?

    Then you can try Start, Control Panel, Install New Hardware and follow the Wizard from there.
  6. Try updating the driver.
  7. I had the same problem, only with 4 monitors and 1 not showing
    up. The only way I was able to fix it was by removing all the
    newer Matrox drivers I had installed, rebooting, and then going
    to Microsoft update, and letting it install the drivers. It installed
    a little older drivers, but it works fine now.

    Good luck with it, I know it sure can get aggravating,