3 Micro Bets For An Uncertain Market.

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  1. Folks I can't explain the phenomena but it has replayed itself so many times for me and always worked out the same way so I thought i would tell you about it. Sometimes in general market corrections you can hide really well and even make money in micro cap. There I said it. Any money / investment guru type would shudder at these words... but there is a caveat... I've noticed as soon as the market turns around and starts going up you can't relax for no good reason suddenly your gains are wiped away.

    I think part of the inner workings of this madman trading idea is that when shit falls hard the popular stocks fall these are not popular stocks. They are unknown. Then when it's easy to make money and everything is going up- Investors take their profits and leave yours truly the last true believer there holding the bag.

    So you see I have done this routine before many times and the key is exiting when the market regains it's footing...

    Ok here are my 3 Micro Bets For An Uncertain Market:

    > 1. LSGP. Yesterday this stock that I have been in before and shaken out posted a strong volume day of over a million shares 1.249,311 to be exact. This is a LED lighting play and their claim to fame is lighting the way for endangered turtles to crawl back to the sea! I don't make this stuff up. They have a new and well respected CEO and yesterday the stock went from 52 cents to 58 cents. It's now looking like a mad beautiful chart again.

    >2. CPTC. While I was away on vacation i picked up barron's just long enough for them to tear apart a couple of my holdings and to read and article on green investing- this stock caught my eye because it's cheap and also had the best looking chart by far. Take a look back and see how this latest move has been accompanied by volume even better than the last thrust up to these levels. undoubtedly a lot of that is from the barron's piece but this extended round of goodness looks like people are holding for good news. These guys are a Wind play which we love over here at stonedinvesting, a turbine play at that with the only real competitor being the behemoth GE.
    Price targets are between $2.50 and $3.00 but should they be able to pull off an big order for their new turbine to be introduced later this year... well hello $4! There are some contacts with the company and China that lead me to believe/ hope that that first big order would come from there. Yesterdays volume was HUGE over 4 million and it was a churn festival the stock did not budge so we know there were as many buyers as sellers a good sign perhaps (it depends which side was the smart money) I am hoping and praying to get this stock down to the $1.65- $1.75 level before entering but any sign of weakness interday I may be in.

    >3. VOYT. Some of you may remember a call by Topdown many moons ago about a little known company called Zeros and Ones. It did a nice move I can't remember exactly the numbers but maybe 60 70 cents to over $1 and then did an El Crappo round trip. The holders were not real holders they were momentum Hawks riding a release of Rocketstream their software product. Well we are getting close to a second version of the Rocketstream being released this one with consumer tie in ( Help me here TD! ) and perhaps even more exciting is another division that expands bandwidth for cable TV companies... I've of course been down the bandwidth path too many times in 2000 but it's hard not to argue that with competition from verizon and alike the cable companies need to keep offering more and more through their pipe. With VOYT The New name of Zeros and Ones we are looking for that BIG volume up day that has not been there yet and so I would probably buy these stocks in the order presented here. ~ stoney
  2. Those are pretty bad picks and we're not in a market correction.

    Where were you with VOYT when it was 20 cents? Now the chart is completely busted.

    The other two companies are also crap.

    I thought ET had a no penny stock policy. Seriously, those are awful stocks.
  3. Hellio Stock3Trdr only in the wind play so far- I yanked the VOYT as it does not want to meet my limit order today. LSGP started the day down.

    Looks like CPTC is the way to go here until proven otherwise.

    As per your whining about policies my policies are the same I don't particularly like low price stocks but I have $20 stock at $18 today and a $11 stock at $10 you get the picture. The point of this thread is to show you how counter intuitive investing & thinking- aka: buying something so risky in a correction would seem illogical. Yet I will return here in a month to this thread and prattle on about the significance of $4 or whatever... the stock will be at $3.65, the market will regain it's footing, and suddenly I will be back to break even unless I spot the top.

    Now this company- Composite Tech was recently profiled in length in baron's and baron's online -they are going to do $30 mil rev out of no where next year on new product intro, they are covered by Merriman Curhan at least, so, to you this may be a terrible pick, to me this is but a cup with a handle and a near perfect one at that! ~ stoney
  4. I agree in that CPTC is your best bet. The chart shows a nice breakout after a base.

    But you can;t put too much money CPTC though. If you have 50K or more would you want to out more than a couple thousand in CPTC? I think not. Thats the problem with penny stocks. You can't allocate much of your portfolio to them due to the risks. CPTC can drop 10-20% in a single day for no reason.
  5. Thanks Stock-trad3r > Now let me really go off the deep end. I substituted a pick for the above other names- Corriente resources. ETQ. Before you call me a Ecuadorian madman let me assure you I hold no grand illusions> I have been on this name for so many years and in and out of it so many times- management is just completely bad and one would love to hang up on them but the only problem is... they have this huge copper mine Mirador.
    Corriente Resources, Inc., a development stage company, engages in the acquisition, exploration, and development of copper and copper-gold mineral properties in Ecuador, South America. It holds 100% interest in approximately 60,000 hectares located within the Corriente Copper Belt region in Ecuador, which contains 4 copper and copper-gold porphyry deposits, including Mirador, Mirador Norte, Panatza, and San Carlos. The company also holds interests in six additional copper and copper-gold exploration targets, known as La Florida, San Luis, San Marcos, San Miguel, Sutzu, and Trinidad, located within the Corriente Copper Belt region.

    >> It's all about politics in Ecuador & it's been like doing oil in Venezuela the leaders there threatened to greatly raise the percent which would be paid to the gov and the whole Mirador project was grounded by the gov. A finance minister has since been sacked, apparently people are ready to play nice and the hot rumor drifting down from Canada is as soon as this weekend ETQ should be " On the Beach " or whatever silly term they use in junior mines which means back up and running as an enterprise, the ability to build roads, smelters, etc. To actually get production rolling would be a 2010 affair but just to straighten out the legal situation and hammer out a new deal with the gov that should be enough to get these guys a bid from a large player. The assets are rather huge.

    One of the great tragedies with this company is their land abuts another parcel where an explorer literally did a spot check random drill and unearthed a monster gold mine- That was Aurillian they quickly got bought. ETQ has bought land around their find but as usual pathetic management hasn't been able to do anything with it except issue some free shares in the so far worthless endeavor..

    It's a long shot in a way but I make no bones about it these mining plays are whispers and clouds and the whispers coming out of the clouds today is... ETQ Is Soon to be Back On The Beach... Just Like Me! ~ stoney
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    Investing in the Bulletin Boards is a lot like a drive through Jersey. There is a pile of stink in the middle, but beauty to be found at the edges if you look deep enough.

    My number one rule in tossing any cash behind one of these guys is to KNOW THY MANAGEMENT. I have researched extensively into the backgrounds of VOYT and LSGP and know both to be very strong. CPTC looks very interesting, but requires more digging.

    Risky / speculative, absolutely. But find the right one and these are the guys who will deliver multi-baggers.

    (We really should have entered this in the longshot thread - hate to see it off of page 1)
  7. VOYT Voyant International Corp (OTC BB) 0.84 +0.17 ( +24.63%)

    Yes folks that 24% in one day.

    It would be nice if I had been in it intead of holding out for 2 cents that's a big F up on my part I hope some of you just bought the whole package as I should have. I will be working at fixing this today. ~ stoney
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    these companies are the equivalent of long term calls
  9. Well I'm back from the gym and in the directors chair lets take a look now at VOYT.

    First off something is up here. Yesterday I had a limit order 2 cents beneath this stock it may have been one cent my anger is clouding my recollection and the market as you know swooned and I leave my limits in when the market is like that.. why chase? But what of a stock that all day does not bump into you once in that turmoil... it was a tell. I didn't pick up on it too busy crying about other problems.

    Just checked and she's down not even 1%! Look at the market what did I tell you guys about this perverse strategy! Now let's talk volume analysis. When she came down hard we are talking 4 mil 5 mil 6 mil share days. Yesterday we have the 666,000 Dollar Question-- is that enough? When compared against recent volume yes. When compared to the selling days absolutely not.
    Is this a trap, or so undiscovered the smart money is easing in slowly?

    "To VOYT or not to Voit that is the question"
    -Hamlet's broker

  10. This coming from a guy who admits he doesn't trade. How's GOOG doin' for ya today?

    Although this thread is likely to get removed there have been many on this board that have made excellent money on pennies. I have and not from investing, but from trading them.

    Stony, if VOYT doesn't release 1.1 on time then you will see the price tumble. Until that time I'm in it. Today it's pretty flat considering the dow is down more than 200 I think that's ok.

    As Topdown has said, BBs are a risk and you should do your own DD.
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