3 line break for Dummies

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  1. I was reading an old TA article and the writer offhandedly mentioned something called a 3 line break and went on talking about other indicators and factors. However, my mind screeched to a halt. I don't know what a 3 line break is!

    Can someone explain what a 3 line break is? I thought I had a grasp of TA but I had never heard of this concept.

    If there are any books and/or writers that describe this, I would be grateful for their names.

    Thanks to all who reply!
  2. The Three-Line Break chart was invented by the Japanese rice traders centuries ago.


    If you google it, you can also find some pretty interesting info about it, works just like any other trend-determining tool.


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    no edge
  4. Depends on how you use them.

    But no, they aren't my tool-of-choice for trading the markets either.