3 key basic truths about daytrading the 5yr, 10yr or 30yr futures

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  1. #1-you must monitor the ES or YM (SP500 and DOW) as it moves in opposite correlation to it. The ES, YM will help "fire off" signals to trading the 5,10,30 yrs.

    #2-you will need to trade more than 1 contract to make real money. 2,3,4-10 or more contracts. Especially if trading the 5yr note. Trading 1 contract just does not have the movement needed...if so, only the 30yr has the movement perhaps per 1 contract.

    #3-less contracts are more of a "swing trade" and not "scalping" or "high frequency trading"
  2. Hopefully you didnt spend any more than 5 minutes coming up with these
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    Point 1 does not hold all the time.

    Bit out of date but please see attached from Bespoke Invest


  4. 10-day rolling correlation between 10-Yr and S&P is all over the place, ranging from +0.95 to -0.75.

    That is something you cannot trade.
  5. ...you're not even an experienced trader, U have no business posting this kind of info, all you are doing is creating a disservice for the newbies on here trying to learn.
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