3 ISPs for one location?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Toonces, Feb 6, 2004.

  1. Toonces


    I have cable on one computer, DSL on the other. The cable internet went out today, and they can't come to fix it until Tuesday. I decided that 3 ISPs is probably the best solution; I want a backup at all times. I called another cable ISP provider, and I'm unable to get service because I already have broadband. (I guess they use the same cable connection?)

    So it looks like the solution is to get an additional phone line, and get a second DSL line installed on that. Is there a better/chearper solution? Is satellite an option?

  2. get a ptp/frame T1 from a multihomed tier 2 provider with ISDN or modem backup thru a different isp. T1s have better service agreements than consumer dsl/cable - higher uptime and faster support response - the bells will work on the line 24x7 to get it back up (if your ride them)- with initial response guarantee usually within 4 hours - plus money back service level agreements.

    get a cisco 1720/21 router with T1 and ISDN card - it can be set to autodial the isdn for backup, no reconfigure on your pc just relogin to web apps if necassary.
  3. microwave wireless if you can get it. if not you could get verison wireless as a backup.