3 ideas for longterm ETF portfolios

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  1. A great "opportunity" would be to create ETF's whose underlying component is commodity futures contracts. You could have single-commodity ETF's in corn, cattle, sugar, 10-year notes, gold....whatever. There may be legal and regulatory obstacles to overcome. :cool:
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  2. Hello,
    Im not too familiar with these so....
    Whats your thoughts on a high yield corporate bond etf like HYG.

    They say the highest rate of defaults were around 15% and it was during the great depression. HYG pay around .68 dividends every month. Unless the economy go into the shiter, which is possible, the reward/risk seems fairly good. Even if we do, i doubt all the high yield bonds will default unless our world ends.

    There r so many Etf/index funds the choices seems overwhelming for me. Ive bought a little bit here and there of the more popular ones since i couldnt choose but some of them do similiar things so theres no point in having that many. So dia or spy or qqQq? Vanguard 500 or fidelity?
    Or just stick with etf that have dividends?
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  3. especulator,
    if i would have to choose between spy, qqqq and dia, i would choose spy, because it's broader.
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  4. I like some of the elements of the suggested funds. At this time, I do own LQD. My goal is high current income with preservation of capital. As such, I added PGX (investment grade preferred stocks). High income and a speculative play on the banks (JPM, BAC, WFC, HSBC). I also added two closed-end funds (sometimes they are actually better than the corresponding ETF), ACG and PHD. ACG concentrates on high quality government bonds both here and abroad, and PHD invests in senior notes with floating interest rates. Added these at the end of last year, and have been pleased with the results. Given the current climate, if any of these fail, then the end of the world as we know it, will occur. BTW, everything is a trade. If any of these shoot up quickly, like LQD and PGX did, I take some profits. The divvies would not cover the quick profit anyway.
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  5. pathus21


    Why don't you just pick an allocation and re-balance yearly.
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