3 GOP Presidential frontrunners support escalation

Discussion in 'Politics' started by james_bond_3rd, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. Giuliani: "I think the president did the right thing tonight."

    Romney: "I support adding five brigades in Baghdad and two regiments in Al-Anbar province." (He thinks he knows something.)

    And of course, this was McCain's idea all along, except that he didn't think Bush would take him up on it:

    Bush will be the mother of all anchors around the neck of the Republican party in 2008.
  2. McCain runs under the mantle of "America's most visible and beloved war hero." American's trust McCain and find him unassailable on foreign policy issues. Is any other office holder in the GOP considered less of a Bush lackey than McCain? American's are rarely against war itself. They are only against losing wars! McCain sparks confidence and yes....prowess. American's distrust Islam and want to be UNLEASHED after the restraints of the past 14 years. Plus he's soothingly... Senatorial.

    I see the next Prez as someone from the Senate. Govs are out. Look at the list (McCain, Gore, Edwards, Hillary, Obama, Hagel ect.)