3 external VGA monitors via USB ports on HP Notebook

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  1. I would like to build a setup with my HP Notebok. HDX 18 - Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T9400 @ 2,53 GHz + 2,53 GHz Running Vista x64 Home Premium using 3 additional LCD analog monitors @ 1680 x 1050 VGA / 60 Mhz.

    Matrox TripleHead2Go analog edition is not the solution since:
    a) it supports 3 monitors only up to 1280x 1024) and
    b) it does not support Vista @ 1680 x 1050 monitor (see note 2 Specification / Supported resolutions).

    I already tested the external box USB 2.0 To VGA Adapter 61540 by www.Delock.com which is essentially a USB-VGA adapter but it causes the machine to crash when moving charts between the monitors (probably there are issues with the drivers managing the joint virtual desktop shaped by notebook Nvidia onboard chart plus the USB videocard emulator). My on board Nvidia card is a GE Force 9600 M GT .

    Any other alternative, given the VGA monitors specs and Vista x64?
  2. Not an expert but you will need an external video card .
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    Nov 5, 2006 Windows Vista and multiple video cards
    If you want to use the full Aero user interface with Windows Vista, and you have multiple video cards installed, Vista requires that all video cards use the same driver.

    At a minimum, this means that all video cards need to use a chipset from the same manufacturer, for example all cards have either an ATI or Nvidia chipset.

    You can still use video cards with chipsets from different manufacturers, but you'll be limited to the basic user interface.

  4. Matrox and Delock are essentially external video cards but those models did not help.
  5. Great to know!...so since the HP notebook includes a Nvidia Ge Force 9600M GT videocard and Nvidia does not sell any external USB/VGA box such as Matrox... well, are there no solutions to add furthers monitors? :confused: :eek:
  6. It's not clear for me the implications of the 'basic user interface'...

    The only requirements are the resolution and the possibility to rotate 90° the screens; all under Vista x64.
  7. Have you already purchased the monitors? I have six usb monitors, five of them are daisy chained directly into a single usb2.0 port with no adaptor. I can ramble on about them if you're interested in hearing it. they're perfect for trading and what you're trying to do.

    a tip - there should be a setting somewhere in windows' display properties called "display window contents while dragging" try unchecking it. you'll just get a gray square when you're moving windows around until you release the mouse, might help with the crashing.
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    Hi AlmostGotIt

    I'd be very interested in hearing more about your setup. Are your monitors connected to a laptop or desktop, what are your specs in terms of graphics card, processor, ram ?


  9. Do you mean the Asus VW223B monitors? I know they do not run daisy-chained under Vista x64 or other 64 bit OSes.

    Any other idea? :eek:
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    EVGA has a product that may be what you are looking for....some positive reviews online, but I have not tried the product yet myself:

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