3 days in the hospital...35,000

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  1. Late last month I started having chest pains.Went to my doctor she referred me to a cardiologist but the earliest they could see me was in 5 days.2 nights after seeing my doctor my chest was hurting to I went to the ER.The ER admitted me .I was there from Friday mourning to Sunday mourning.Had a ecocardiogram,CT scan and stomach ultra sound.Got shots twice a day ,blood taken mutiple times a day and ekgs mutiple times a day while admitted

    Final cost............35,387.00 DOLLARS :mad: :mad: :mad:

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    First off, hope you get better, hope everything is ok.

    I started studying alternative and preventive medicine way back in the day. I saw it as secondary to the Medical System. After awhile I was curing things for myself that the Doctors couldn't cure; Bursitis, back problems, headaches, joint problems, low energy, poor vision, brain fog, etc.. Now the medical system is secondary to me, unimportant almost...
  3. Thanks man
  4. Please share any tips.I will always follow my doctors advice for any major problems but I'm always open to any advice on being healthy and preventing illness
  5. I wish you the best, and I have been through, and am still going through, many health issues.

    Let me ask, however...is that $35K that was paid (or authorized) by your insurance? Or actual cash paid? If cash paid, it's way too high IMO. I have even negotiated my insurance amounts with hospitals... my wife is a teacher with a "Teachers Trust" type of insurance...if we get over-charged by dr.s or hospitals, we all end up paying more... and my brother has actually negotiated surgeries for his wife... from $30,000 down to $6,000 for "cash" payments... may sound odd, but IMO, the problems is not with health care (I've had great healthcare for the most part), but with the insurance companies....

    Just curious...

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    And some of you wonder why your premiums are outta sight.

    This thread bolsters the case for true national health care.

    (Don't confuse this with Obamacare.)

    Down with the U.S. medical cartel!

    What a joke.

  7. Hi Don.I don't have the final breakdown yet of what my insurance paid .I've been checking the claims section of my account online every few days and today they finally posted what I posted and I was in shock.In a few days the pdf version of the full bill should be available and I will post what my insurance paid

    I own my own business and have an individual health ins policy with a 2,500 deductible and 3,000 max out of pocket so the most I should be responsible for is around 2,900 .

    My hospital care was excellent but certainly not worth 35,000
  8. I wish the very best to your health.
    yes I have had similar experience with hospital/medical expenses
    exceeding $65,000. over six days.
    Costs can get extreme.
    Even more ridiculous in NJ, townships are permitted
    to contract out the ambulance to private.
    My last ambulance trip to the hospital from my residence,
    which is no more than two miles to the hospital, ran a cost of $2,300.
    I joked next time I need an ambulance I will hire a limousine with strippers for half the cost .
    Seriously it is outrageuos. I can see people who do not have the means
    to pay the ambulance, they may choose to drive themselves to the hospital
    and risk their life if in serious health at the time.
  9. Hospitals are a total racket.

    Yes, they do good work, but the prices charges are pure horseshit.

    Good work does not justify ANY price.

    Yet another systemic scam that has festered for decades because the average person is an ass, and puts up with it, figuring his own scam will pay enough to cover the hit.

  10. So what did you have, a heart attack?
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