3-D prinnter builds homes in 20 hours. 5 million vacant homes in U.S. already.

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  1. The real question is...how much will these homes cost?
  2. Very interesting, I hope it works out to something. But one detail seems strange -- the professor is from Univ Southern California and proposes building homes out of concrete? Or do they have some new kind of concrete for the process that is flexible to withstand earthquakes?
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    An article in Rolling Stone [one cut above the National Enquirer] way back in the day predicted that all the concrete buildings in Southern California would collapse in a big quake.. was completely bogus, industrial buildings made of concrete, where they make the walls then stand them up, they did fine in the Northridge quake...

    The last prediction I heard was "3D will build homes by 2050", wow it's here already. Reminds me of when I was working for a consulting company designing disc drives. I had an article in a then current magazine in one hand that predicted a theoretical maximum data rate for magnetic rotating storage and in my other hand I had a prototype that was running a hundred times that...