3 CME Globex CL Questions...

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by increasenow, May 19, 2007.

  1. 1-When does the CL CME Globex Crude Oil June contract expire and what day for other months etc.
    2-When viewing volume for Crude Oil on say www.barchart.com it seems as if the Nymex pit volume and Globex volume are included together or is it just the Globex volume?
    3-I noticed that the symbol for pit-nymex crude oil and CME globex electronic crude oil are both CL...are they both the same symbols and viewed as "the same item" being traded, just side by side?
    Thanks for your help!!!!...much appreciated


    1 - June CL goes off on Tuesday the 22nd, see link for subsequent months: http://www.nymex.com/CL_term.aspx
    2 - If you are watching intraday volume it will only show you electronic, but if you are looking at historical data it should include both
    3 - Again, the contracts are exactly the same and trade side by side, it's just an issue of how the trade is executed...