3 Cheers for $CostAverageMan$!!!!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by acronym, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. I just realised, this quote is meaningful, in my limited attempts to drum up some well wishes for $costaverageman$.
    Hey, not like he needs it, he's loaded, but i will say this, regarding his journal, and any goodies that may have gone with it.

    "Much appreciated by me, and perhaps others, his systematic destruction of the market, and outrageous capital gain."

  2. Read his entire thread tonight and I just wanted to say Happy Birthday publicly to him, as well.

    Thank you for your contributions to this board.

    Even though it took me 5 hours to really understand your thread. Sleep is overrated, I can sleep plenty when I'm making 7 figures. :) Your thread was a big help in getting me started on understanding the market. Thank you.

  3. Im not a stocky, not a traders bootlace, but my calls and stragem are magnificent, within my feild of expertise.

    Which is technicals, on commodities. Any bozo can figure that out, and hopefully make $.

    But this man, $costaverageman$, has done it-with a lifetime of hard yacka, & excell as software, for gawdsake, completely destroying the equities market, no less.

    I honestly dont know what 'cost-average" even means, but stuff me, if anyone deserves a note for a 69th birthday, its this man, $costaverageman$.

    and his safari pics are more than welcome here, they are also good.:)
  4. maxpi


    $guy$ is 'da man. After I learn to speak Hershey and after I can't put more $ into futures and stocks and have to go longer term, I'm reading that whole thread baby.

    Happy B'day for sure

  5. You need to learn to speak Hershey?
    I thought you were supposed to just stare at the page, Jack Baur style, until it revealed its secrets.
    No wonder i was geting no-where :D