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  1. It is said that 3 billion people survive on $2 per day so there is good possibility that these 3 billion people are illiterate and cannot read and write. If these 3 billion people become literate they will start reading newspapers so millions of more Trees will be chopped/cut down to feed the world daily newspapers. I think the life-span of paper is 5 recycles only.

    After 5 recycles the paper cannot be recycled again. Think about it.
  2. Is your name Karl Pilkington ??
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    If that was on my street, the council would be sayin', "Get that down. It's a death trap!"
  4. The trend is toward a paperless society, no need to worry. Think about it. Virtually everything in my office is now paperless.
  5. But what about newspapers. They are the biggest waste of papers. Majority of news in newspaper have appeared on TV and internet as live and breaking news. If you try to accomodate world information (old & new) in newspapers then daily newspaper will be 200 or 1000 pages. Endless information is available on the internet, TV, and books.
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    have you heard of the ipad ? get out more ...
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    Bearice, have you looked at the readership of major newspapers lately? It is declining rapidly. Magazines are half as thick as they once were and their readership is declining fast too.
  8. Laptops and internet is better.
  9. Excellent information. Save Trees. Save Earth.
  10. "Neil Armstrong, that spaceman, he went to the moon but he ain't been back. It can't have been that good."
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