3 bar pivot stop

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  1. what does this mean? and I quote
    "3-bar as a pivot stop..."

    I guess 3-bar is a same as 3-day....

    I wish tech analyst would write in English...
  2. nkhoi


    where do you see it.
  3. It might be last three bars( or any other consecutive three bars ) pivot as a stop. (H + L + C ( range + close ) of last threee bars ) divided by 3 = 3 bar pivot.
  4. prox



    bar 1: low $1 , high $1.10
    bar 2: low $1.20, high $1.40
    bar 3: low $1.10, high $1.20

    basically it signals a pullback or end to an existing trend, people often use a break of the previous low to enter a counter trade or exit the previous trend trade.
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