3 aliases for Sykes?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by TraderZones, Aug 9, 2009.

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    # Fast_Trader
    # Sushi
    # Zentrickste

    Same :)
  3. I'm curious about the TOU policy involving multiple alias because it seems very vague.

    First of all, mulitple aliases are obviously allowed because I've seen ET management or moderators disclose sometimes someone that has such while allowing the member(s) to continue posting at Elitetrader.com

    Therefore, please correct any of the following that's not true.

    A) Multiple aliases are allowed as long as the ET member is not using them at the same time (e.g. spamming, attacking, disruptive et cetera in the same thread).

    B) Mulitple aliases are allowed as long as a prior aliase was not banned or deleted for TOU policy violation.

    C) Multiple aliases are allowed as as long as the ET member doesn't start re-using the old aliases.

    D) Multiple aliases are allowed if the member is providing good content in his/her discussions.

    I just see too many members that ET managment or moderators knows are the same via another aliase while allowing the ET member to remain eventhough the TOU policy specifically states the following...


    I highlighted the word may in the above quote because it implies that you guys decided when or when it's not ok to have a multiple aliase most likely due to the reasons I stated above.

    Therefore, please clarify ET's policy on this issue because I know about 20 very active ET members that have multiple aliases even though a few of these members have stated publicly such is not allowed or was not cool (e.g. TraderZones a.k.a. rcanfiel)...

    (TraderZones and rcanfiel have been caught spamming the infamous 250k trading system or the fee-base website here at EliteTrader.com and yet both members "same person" remain)

    The 5) aspect of the TOU policy is obviously vague. :confused:

    By the way, I only know about most of these particular 20 or so ET members with multiple aliases (traderzones is just one example) because ET management or moderators have openly stated the other aliases that belong to these members while a few it's obvious or the members themselves publicly here at the forum say it's true.

    Last of all, why are some ET members deleted for spam while others allowed to remain for the exact same spam TOU policy violation eventhough ET policy about spam is a little vague too. :confused:

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    It's not so cut and dry, I looked up Zentrick and he had over 40+ ip address. Only twice did he have the same as these other members. So after we have discovered this we now have to go back to their posts and compare them against eachother to see if it's the same person. Otherwise they just might be using the same Internet connection at their office.
  5. Joe, get your facts straight. I have no idea who these other users are. I usually post from work so I don't know what IP address shows on your end, but do a Geo look-up. Keep my name out of these threads. Check my posting history if you're curious and match up the writing with the other two users.
  6. Dunno who Fast Trader and sushi

    But sekyst1974 -- timothysykes are definitely aliases and likely Zentrickster is also Sykes. If you read Zen's posts in the OP link, it will be quite apparent who he is.

    Here is , obviously Sykes, trying to get free publicity for his book by pretending to be interested. Do the math!

    Notice OP of: http://elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?threadid=172781
  7. Zentrickster is Tim Sykes#!?? :eek: :D

    He is one funny guy!

    LOL, who knew?