3/9 ES up day

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Gordon Gekko, Mar 9, 2004.

  1. remember who told ya

    p. s. i am willing to change my mind at any time.
  2. OK, now let's see how many people have started a "I'm Buying the Dip Thread" . . . Let this be the first, and the one that blows all of the shorts away!



    Gordon, not much of a call when the ES is flat on the day.
  4. The beaten up SMH got down to 39.05 intra-day, today.
    Huge Weekly support coming thru at 38.40'ish.

    Over 70% of the index is weighted to:

    AMAT +.10
    INTC +.16
    TXN -.90

    Just some food for thought.
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    You might want to edit your post while there's still time !
  6. jmis



    i'm saying this b/c i know you've been struggling as a trader, you might do well now, good for you. but regardless of market direction, are you making money out of it? are you earning a living? concentrating on trading well rather than going on these ego trips trying to call market ups/downs. when i hear ppl start calling tops/bottoms, i know i hear a ticking bomb ;). they may be right in the direction, but the ego kills their accnts.

    but what do i know ;)
  7. Looks like an asset-allocator has been in the market the past 2 days . . . buying bonds and selling S&P's.

    Every now and then they step away and allow the S&P to breathe only to come back 15 minutes later to hit it again.

    Just my 2 cents of observations.

  9. Wow!
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    And yet the BS by James Stock/Romeo/Grandmaster-baitor/Manolo etc. is allowed to continue???

    Go figure.
  10. "When are you gonna stop giving me information and start getting me some?!!"

    lol :cool:
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