$3,800 fine for not getting health insurance under health care reform!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by peilthetraveler, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. thats a dumb idea that insurance companies would love. without a public option you are forcing people to pay whatever the insurance companies can get away with charging. they have no incentive to compete or cut costs.
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  3. How do you figure he didn't?

    If the plan by Baucus passes individuals and families will have to pay a fine if they don't get insurance.
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    Read his subject line.
  6. The only tiny problem I can see is that it is a senate proposal and not apart of any one bill yet.

    By the way if that is your best argument to this otherwise disgusting proposal then you might want to rethink your positions.

    You will gain contempt if you keep floating around in this limbo land of yours.
  7. and yet, drunk driving un-insured illegal aliens drive and injure others with complete impunity under a 'dont ask dont tell' immigration non enforcement. In our state 3 DUI illegal aliens are on the road all over the place

    you are NOT required to insure your OWN car, you're required to insure your LIABILITY in an accident for damage to OTHER cars