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Discussion in 'Politics' started by client#9, May 11, 2008.

  1. client#9


    How should the democratic party resolve the fla and mich problem?

    I propose that as a compromise, they give the voters of fla and mich a 3/5 vote.

    I think Obama will go for that.
  2. He should, he'd still get the nomination. Hillary would say that ALL the people deserve to be heard however.

    Its a moot point imo. Hill is toast, its all over. I think she is positioning herself for 2012 should Obama lose in November.
  3. jay? you really don't get out much do you? #9 is being a prick.

  4. What I find truly beautiful is that your sheet wearing father, and his sheet wearing father have watched all their hard klan work go down the drain


    A black man( remember the one drop rule) is leading the the democratic party(oh, the irony) for president:D :D