3:45 margin cut-off . . no longer?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Tech Analysis, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. IB used to revert to overnight margins on the Globex futures at 3:45pm ET. Last 2 days that hasn't happend - is this something new or a glitch related to the daylight time changeover?
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    Without notice and for undisclosed reasons they changed it to 4:00 pm ET some weeks ago.
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    It was done because our clients asked for it. It was supposed to be mentioned in the communique, but we might have forgotten to do that.
  4. Appreciate the responses.

    That's very nice - thanks IB!
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    I thought I saw it mentioned somewhere.
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    Thanks IB!
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    Yep, we claime it right here some time ago.
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    I have an account at IB and just opened a new account at another firm to initiate an ES day trading strategy due to IB's high intraday margin requirements (1/2 the overnight).
  9. Does this apply to cme currency contracts as well? Or did that go to 3:00 pm?
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