3:43pm to 3:57pm SPY just one straight run from 122.31 to 122.80

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    Anyone see the markets just out of left field make a run the last 10-15 minutes before the close, seems either the market trades completely flat or it rallies, no pullback what so ever. Talk about manipulation at its finest. Seen this before and as usual it always ends with a great correction, of course as soon as the correction arrives all the bulls come out crying and whining say that how is a 10-20% correction even allowed??? How much more do people expect out of this market, this market is being rigged to go in one direction. A market that only goes in one direction for too long always ends up collapsing. The nasdaq when it peaked at 5000 and everyone was screaming it was going to go to 10,000 and 12,000 and in 2007 when everyone said buy dow 13k dow 14k dow 15k dow 16k its going to dow 36k and 75k. Even oil when predictions came out with $200 and $300 price targets. Let be reasonable people, this market is being rigged to the upside and I am sure it can go up another 100% or 200% but the next collapse is not going to be pretty at all. Global markets around the world are surging based on too many trillions and easy monetary policies, how do you think we got to the last crisis? The same way we are getting there now.
  2. Measure SPY in terms of gold or oil for the real picture.
  3. EOD run ups like that, especially before a weekend, are nervous shorts covering, nothing more. Done it myself.
  4. very logical move. I knew it was coming. many shorts held on nervously throughout the week, desperately hoping for a pullback. They finally pissed in their pants and won't be enjoying this weekend. everyone knows value of the mkt is meaningless.......it's all about money. criminals are long and they know they can drive it higher..........it's that simple.
  5. Close above the pattern break = bullish. Very good signal at the bottom.

    The market attempted the damn level 5 times and failed. What else could it do? :cool:
  6. BTW don't think with logic....Think like a computer :)