3:40PM down move

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  1. on financials. what was that all about? another HFT crash?
  2. That was wierd huh.
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    i had a long bac and c position and my platform froze. lucky for me it bounced back.
  4. pics... or it didn't happen!
  5. if you were watching, you couldn't have missed it. JPM made a 60-80c down move in few seconds........can't remember now. but it popped right back up and finished at new high. I guess we'll just have to put up with these little 'flash' moves from now on.
  6. It did happen. I witnessed it. Honest.
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    Just look at your charts. Someone sold about 20 million shares of a basket of financials and the market said fuck you and went even higher.
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    Eat yr heart out
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  9. I dunno... Lookz to me to be caused by a fat finger... but then again, what do i know about chubby fingers?
  10. didn't even see it, other than the spike in futures

    getting faster and crazier by the day.

    either a mistake or a manipulation, makes no sense to sell like that.

    what do you do if you're long one of the affected stocks, do you stop out, stare at the screen, ignore the move and take another bite of your vegamite sandwich.
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